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Blue Collar Workers Increasingly Optimistic Under Trump Leadership. Here's Why.

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Almost two years into the Trump presidency, blue collar workers are becoming increasingly more optimistic about their social and economic situations, according to a recently conducted survey.

This will be some much needed good news for the ears of the president who has been, yet again, tossed under the bus by a desperate left-wing media apparatus who is constantly seeking to find new ways to hassle him and potentially destroy his administration.

A new survey, conducted by the Harris Poll, found that 85 percent of blue-collar workers said their lives are advancing in “the right direction.” The survey, commissioned by Express Employment Professionals, took place between July 9 and July 23. Data were collected from 1,049 blue-collar workers from across the nation who are employed in professions requiring manual labor.

Across the board, the results indicate America’s blue-collar workforce is sanguine about the nation’s current economic outlook and their own standing. Apart from the 85 percent of blue-collar Americans who said their lives are going in the right direction, 69 percent said their local communities are on the right path, and 58 percent view their states as being on a positive course.

The poll found 51 percent of blue-collar workers believe the country is heading in the right direction, a figure 12-percentage points higher than the 39 percent recorded amongst all Americans in a similar July Harvard-Harris Poll.

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Overall, 55 percent of blue-collar Americans expressed they were better off today compared with five years ago.

Not only are blue-collar workers bullish about their current economic situation, they are also upbeat about the future. The survey found that 80 percent of blue-collar workers are optimistic about the future, with over one-third stating they were “very optimistic.”

Among individuals surveyed who have children, a whopping 88 percent believe that their kids will be in a better financial position than they are in the future. Back in 2017, only 37 percent of individuals surveyed believed their kids would be better off down the road.

This just goes to show that Trump’s policy of deregulation is helping businesses prosper, which also helps workers prosper. This is how you “spread the wealth around.” You don’t need a government middle man. You need a true free market system.

Source: Free Beacon

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