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Bob Woodward Drops Seriously Insulting Take on Donald Trump

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The sheer desperation of the opponents of Donald Trump is astounding these days, and turning more bitter as the days drag on.

Not only are there a plethora of various and wide-ranging investigations ongoing into Trump, his presidency, and his business, but there is also a rather dire sort of drivel being peddled about The Don as well.   The latest iteration of this narrative comes to us from Bob Woodward, and in the form of a rather insulting insinuation.

During a recent interview with CBS News, the author and journalist had the following to say:

“Trump was the wrong man for the job,” Woodward replied. “I realize now, two years later, all of the January 6 insurrection, leads me to the conclusion that he’s not just the wrong man for the job, but he’s dangerous, and he is a threat to democracy, and he’s a threat to the presidency, because he doesn’t understand the core obligations that come with that office.”

The continued insistence that Donald Trump is somehow a “threat to democracy” has been a staple of the Democratic playbook in recent months, as the liberal left looks to sully the former President’s ability to retake the White House in 2024.

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