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Bombshell Report Say Feds Have Sufficient Evidence to Charge Hunter Biden

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For years now, Republicans have been warning the nation about the potential conflicts of interest that exist within the Biden family’s rise to political power, and perhaps worse, the possibility of dire national security implications as well.

Of particular concern is Hunter Biden, son of the President, who has numerous foreign entanglements, including a spot on the board of directors of a Ukrainian natural gas company.  Oh, but Hunter has no known experience in the natural gas industry.  Oh, and he also really seems to like prostitutes and crack cocaine.

There are various other concerns regarding Hunter’s political nepotism and sordid behavior, and after months of investigation, it appears as though he may finally face some justice.

Federal agents believe they have enough evidence to support charging Hunter Biden, the son of President Joe Biden, with tax crimes and making a false statement in connection with the purchase of a gun, The Washington Post reported Thursday.

It is now up to U.S. Attorney for Delaware David Weiss, an appointee of former President Donald Trump, to decide whether to prosecute Hunter on those charges, noted the Post, which cited people familiar with the investigation.

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Hunter’s team lashed out:

In a statement to NBC News, Chris Clark, Hunter Biden’s lawyer, said: “It is a federal felony for a federal agent to leak information about a Grand Jury investigation such as this one. Any agent you cite as a source in your article apparently has committed such a felony. We expect the Department of Justice will diligently investigate and prosecute such bad actors.”

“As is proper and legally required, we believe the prosecutors in this case are diligently and thoroughly weighing not just evidence provided by agents, but also all the other witnesses in this case, including witnesses for the defense,” Clark said. “That is the job of the prosecutors. They should not be pressured, rushed, or criticized for doing their job.”

Hunter Biden has largely escaped litigious trouble throughout his life, with his father’s various positions of power being largely considered the driving force behind his impeccable luck.  Perhaps this time things will be different.

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