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Book Claims Giuliani was ‘Drunk, Incoherent’ in Lead-Up to January 6th

Rudy didn’t do himself too many favors during the final days of the Trump presidency.



Rudy Giuliani

In the months following the 2020 presidential election, Rudy Giuliani was traveling from coast to coast, attempting to shed light on what he and his boss, then-President Donald Trump, believed were major issues within the contest itself.  Trump was certain that the election had been stolen from him, and he wanted Giuliani, a formidable lawyer, to take his case to court.

Giuliani was shut down at every turn, however, as judge after judge simply sent the former NYC mayor packing.

Then, just a day before the attack on the Capitol on January 6th, Rudy was in the White House.  And he was belligerent.

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Rudy Giuliani was ‘heavily drinking’ and fueling Donald Trump’s false belief that Mike Pence could overturn the election results the day before the January 6 Capitol riot, according to an upcoming book on the final days of the former president’s term.

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‘The one person Trump did have at his side, Rudy Giuliani, was drinking heavily and in a constant state of excitation, often almost incoherent in his agitation and mania,’ author Michael Wolff wrote in an excerpt of his book published in New York Magazine on Monday.

Wolff explained that Giuliani was one of the only one’s within Trump’s inner circle who was still standing by his side when the then-president started waging his 2020 election fraud claims.

And Trump was convinced.

Almost everyone who remained around the president understood that he, along with Giuliani, did in fact actually believe that there was yet a decent chance of upsetting the electoral count and having Trump declared the Electoral College winner or, failing that, prolonging the election and returning the fight to the disputed states,’ Wolff wrote.

‘The president’s aides (and family) understood, too, that he was the only one (along with Giuliani, which only made the situation more alarming) in any professional political sphere to believe this. Hence — although they did not call it such and tried to see it as more nuanced — derangement.’

Wolff also detailed that Giuliani pumped up claims that Pence, as vice president, could somehow stop Congress from certifying the Electoral College results for Biden as he presided over the joint session on January 6.

Giuliani this week has his law license suspended in New York State on account of his claims regarding the 2020 election, which the suspending organization have deemed categorically and knowingly false, despite having made no effort to investigate themselves.


As If The Matt Gaetz Case Couldn’t Get Any Weirder…

This case has more twists and turns than snake convention.



Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz has done something astounding during his brief career in politics:  Come up with a scandal so bizarre that Hollywood would have deemed a fictional re-telling of the tale “too unbelievable”. The story so far, (which has been evolving in perpetuity), is that Gaetz and a friend had participated in the trafficking of underage girls for sex, (albeit unknowingly), and that this story came to light after Gaetz was unable to help an extortionist search for a long-missing FBI agent. Or something thereabouts.  The accounts vary wildly in the case. Now, as if things couldn’t get any stranger, a new angle has emerged in the case. A sugar daddy website linked to the sex-trafficking investigation of Matt Gaetz publicly weighed in on the scandal, saying the lawmaker has never been registered on the site in search of young women. The unusual move by the web site SeekingArrangement puts some distance between Gaetz and the accusation against him. The site had been caught up in the Gaetz case because it had reportedly been used by the GOP lawmaker and another key player in the case to connect with an underage girl for sex. SeekingArrangement, which helps “sugar babies” connect online with men, released a statement because of yet another odd twist in the case: The former mistress of golfer Tiger Woods sued the website claiming it wrongfully terminated her contract as the company’s spokesperson. The plaintiff, Rachel Uchitel, said she was fired because SeekingArrangement was in damage control due to the investigation into Gaetz, which is unrelated to her lawsuit. Gaetz has maintained his innocence throughout the ordeal, but a plea deal from one of his alleged accomplices has some wondering if the Sunshine State lawmaker isn’t in some serious trouble.  

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George Soros Drops $1M to Defund Police During Major Crimewave




George Soros

If you were to ask around in the farther-flung corners of the conservative internet, you’d not find much high praise for George Soros. The liberal billionaire has been spending much of his time, (and wealth), bullying the sociopolitical system into leaning to the left, and he hasn’t been trying to hide it at all.  This has made him a bit of a boogeyman within conservative circles, and rightly so. His latest bit of “philanthropy” appears to fall right in line with his previous maneuvers. Liberal mega-donor George Soros has directed $1 million to an activist group attempting to defund the police as violent crime surges in major urban centers across the nation. Soros sent the million dollars via his Color Of Change PAC on May 14, according to Federal Election Commission files obtained by the Washington Free Beacon. The organization describes itself as “the nation’s largest online racial justice organization” and actively engages in efforts to defund police departments such as spreading an online petition calling for “divesting from and dismantling the systems that unjustly harm Black people.” The group also backed a push by the Milwaukee City Council to defund the police. And they aren’t mincing their words. “Policing is a violent institution that must end,” the group’s president wrote in a statement supporting the move. “We imagine a country where there is enough money to educate our children, care for our sick and feed those who are financially unstable. Defunding the police allows for this vision.” The move comes amid a massive crime spike in liberal cities such as Atlanta, Chicago, and New York.

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