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Border Patrol Chiefs Order Subordinates to Encourage Vaccination Among the Ranks

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When something is made well and helpful, you don’t need to do a whole lot of convincing in order to get people interested in it.  Word of mouth will do that for you, especially today, in this modern, digital age where social media influencers are pulling in enormous endorsement deals.

This is just the way that the psyche works:  We see the global community latch onto something that makes their lives better and easier, and then we go after it all at once, often elevating the product or service to its ultimate form with the power of exponential human creativity.

The cream of the crop floats right to the top.

So why is it so hard to get 20% – 30% of this nation to receive a COVID-19 vaccine?  And why is the federal government mounting a clandestine pressure campaign to encourage inoculation among Customs and Border Patrol?

Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has told supervisors they must push employees on their compliance with the Biden administration’s vaccine mandate or else potentially be fired themselves — as the agency grapples with significant pushback internally to the vaccine mandates.

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In an Oct 30 email, obtained by Fox News, CBP references the Sept. 9 executive order by President Biden which mandates that all federal employees be fully vaccinated by Nov. 22.

And there was no denying what the message here was.

“Pursuant to this requirement, all U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) supervisors are ordered to have a discussion with each of their employees (direct reports),” the email says.

During those discussions, supervisors are ordered to tell employees to upload their vaccination status and documentation by Nov. 8, and that failing to do so will have consequences of non-compliance. They are also to tell employees that they must receive their final vaccination shot by Nov. 8 to be fully vaccinated by the deadline.

This will likely get even trickier in Texas, where local lawmakers have pushed back repeatedly on vaccine mandates for any and all institutions operating within the Lone Star State.

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