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Border Sheriff Torches Biden, Says Administration Lied About Transparency

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From the moment that Joe Biden appeared poised to win the White House back in 2020, there were concerns that the border policies that he brought to the table would create a massive surge in migrants coming to America outside of the lead naturalization process.  When Biden did finally find himself back in the West Wing, it was already too late.

The massive influx of migrants had not only materialized, predictably, but the increase was so dramatic that this immigration crisis was soon a humanitarian crisis.

Now, amid a slew of criticism already aimed at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Joe Biden’s team is getting scorched by a law enforcement official on the border who believes that the administration is breaking a major promise.

Mark Dannels, the Sheriff of Cochise County, Arizona, said on Wednesday that Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas is not keeping his promise to meet weekly with law enforcement who are dealing with a surge of migrants at the U.S.-Mexico Border.

One week after making the promise, no meeting had been set up, Dannels told Fox News, adding that whether Mayorkas will support him and others will be the “true test” of his willingness to deal with the crisis:

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As previously reported by Fox News, Mayorkas met with sheriffs in El Paso, Texas, about the situation at the U.S. border last Thursday, during his third trip to the border since taking on his role in the administration. At the time, Dannels asked for weekly meetings with Mayorkas, which he told Fox News was agreed to.

“Currently we asked [to meet with the Secretary] for once a week, whether that’s through zoom, conference calling, in-person, or whatever needs to happen based on where we’re at today with the border,” Dannels said. “So that’s in the process of being set up and hopefully this will now turn into action for the good of the people.”

Dannels said everyone present agreed that the sheriffs need to work more closely with DHS to build on “shared missions.” 

Biden and his team have down everything in their power to downplay the severity of the chaos at the southern border, with the President himself suggesting that this unprecedented problem is somehow “seasonal”, and therefore routine.

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