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British TV Celebrity Implores Americans to Give Up Guns

It’s always odd to imagine someone with a British accent given advice to Americans about “freedom”.



While Americans grapple with the insanity thrown upon us over the course of the last few days, we are being inundated with opinions on how to remedy our nation.

Unfortunately, a great many of these voices seem to have the prescience of mind to somehow, magically have all the right answers for us.  The only problem seems to be that a great many of these voices aren’t necessarily speaking with the best interests of America at heart, but rather, the best interests of the power hungry democrats and globalists instead.

Such is the case with CNN personality and Briton Piers Morgan, who this week used the tragedies in America to push the idea of Americans giving up their 2nd Amendment rights.

The problem that Morgan and others fail to recognize is seeing “what happens” opens a door to tyranny and authoritarianism over a people who would no longer be able to compete with highly trained military forces within the government.

That, in and of itself, is the precise antithesis to the Second Amendment itself, and wholly unacceptable as a solution in our nation.

In the coming days, we are likely to hear several more voices chiming in with similar ideas, and we must be certain to reject them on their face.  Our nation is coming to a dangerous crossroads, if our gut feelings hold, and the Second Amendment is our only guarantee against the losses of our freedoms.


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