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Brooklyn Train Shooter's Charges Revealed

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After a little more than a day, the manhunt was over.

Frank James, the man suspected of conducting a bizarre and violent attack on an entire subway train car in Brooklyn, was captured.

James, who produced a number of hate-filled video rants on social media, brought with him to the scene of the crime a handgun with extended clips and extra ammunition, a hatchet, some fireworks, and gasoline.  He fired his weapon 33 times, striking only 10 people, all of whom are expected to recover, after deploying some sort of smoke grenade device.

James was captured less than 36 hours after the attack, and now his legal journey begins.

James is facing a federal charge related to terrorism and violent acts committed against mass transit, according to U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of New York Breon Peace. If convicted, James could face a life sentence in a federal prison.

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Authorities have accused James of firing 33 rounds inside a subway car as it pulled into the station in Brooklyn, striking 10 people, several critically. More than a dozen other people were hurt in the subsequent chaos.

The NYPD said James was the lone suspect in the shocking morning rush-hour attack after calling him a “person of interest” a day earlier. A $50,000 reward was offered for information that led to his arrest.

James was active on social media, posting videos referring to the United States as racist. He also made what police said were “concerning statements” about the mayor, which led the NYPD to tighten the mayor’s security detail.

Prosecutors are also asking for the judge in the case to disallow any sort of bond possibility for James, believing that he is still a threat to the outside world.

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