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Broward County Spent $200K Hiding Info on Parkland Shooter’s History

The Parkland shooting was certainly tragic, but the real tragedy is the Broward County Sheriff’s Department. 



Sometimes, the true tragedy in some catastrophic event isn’t apparent right away.

Sure, the concussive thud of an explosion or the squealing of a car-wounded animal are the things that we remember about a tragedy, but they aren’t always the tragedy themselves.

Such is the case of Parkland high school shooter Nikolaz Cruz, whose deadly assault on 16 students and a teacher was wholly preventable.  Even the FBI received a tip in the days before the shooting from a concern acquaintance of Cruz himself.  This would-be hero even went so far as to declare that Cruz would likely “shoot someplace up”.

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The warnings were ignored.

Now, the Broward County Sheriff’s Department is deep in a legal battle to keep their secrets buried, after intrepid investigators discovered a terrible trend of incompetence among the ranks.

A report in the South Florida Sun Sentinel claims that Broward County Public Schools knew about the Parkland gunman before he attacked but suppressed that which they knew.

The Sentinel reports, “Immediately after 17 people were murdered inside Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, the school district launched a persistent effort to keep people from finding out what went wrong.” They go on to highlight some of the things the school district allegedly did to hide information from the public, things like trying to “spread misinformation” and even “[seeking] to jail reporters who published the truth.”

And get this; they spent almost a quarter of a million dollars to do it.

The Sentinel reports that the district “spent untold amounts on lawyersto fight the release of records and nearly $200,000 to pay public relations consultants who advised administrators toclam up.” As a result, little more is publicly known now than was known within the first weeks after the heinous attack.

Broward County deputies were infamously imbecilic in their response the shooting, with several officers ducking and hiding outside of the school, completely ignoring their duty to protect.

The Parkland shooting was certainly tragic, but the real tragedy is the Broward County Sheriff’s Department.


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