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As Bud Light Goes Woke, Watch Company Shows How It's Done with Anti-Woke All-American Ad

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As Bud Light continues its desperate attempt to climb out of the woke hole it dug itself, another company has come along and shown the beleaguered beer company how it’s done with an ad that certainly makes a true American want to start wearing a watch again.

For its part, Bud tried to leave its transgenderism behind and douse the growing boycott of its product over its partnership with transgender activist and TikTok presenter Dylan Mulvaney by putting out a new ad that tries to cajole customers into thinking that Bud Light is still very patriotic and traditional.

Its new pro-America ad features one of its famous Clydesdale horses galloping across many of America’s most typical landscapes as a narrator intones, “This is the story of the American spirit.”

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Not many were fooled by the attempt to paper over the company’s recent thumb in the eye of its customers. As the New York Post reported, the condemnation continued despite the new ad and many blasted Bud.

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Bud’s machinations don’t seem to be helping. Last week, it was revealed that the company lost more than $5 billion in market value in the 12 days after the Mulvaney promotion.

While Bud still hasn’t found the lightning in a bottle that will redeem itself from its fall from grace, another company has stepped up to show Bud what it should have done in the first place.

Would you buy from this company?

The Egard Watch Company recently put out an ad of its own that doesn’t mock men and women — especially daughters — but instead celebrates them, even as it then reveals how transgenderism is destroying women’s sports.

The ad starts off with a determined daughter striving to become a world-class runner because her loving father told her that he is proud of her work on the track.

“When I was a little girl I had this dream that seemed so impossible,” a woman says over images of a loving family embracing. “I was going to be the fastest runner in the world. I got this little nugget of an idea from my dad. He used to watch me run and play. ‘Ain’t no woman alive that can beat you.’ And I believed him, He made me feel invincible.”

The narrator notes that she worked very hard at her sport and finally rose to a great competition, only to be beaten by a faster, more powerful man who was claiming to be a woman.

The ad then adds images of the many men in real life who have won major championships after claiming to have “transitioned” into female athletes. The ad ends with the hashtag #erased.

This is not the first time Egard Watch has jumped into the culture wars. The Florida-based company also sided with the police during the defund the police movement in 2022, rose up to oppose transgenderism that same year with an ad entitled “What is a Woman,” and in 2019 defended men against attacks of “toxic masculinity.

Thanks to companies like Egard and others, Americans do have the option not to support corporations that insist on forcing woke outrages on customers. And we must stop spending our money on those that refuse to jettison the wokeness.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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