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Bud Light Tries Another Desperate Comeback, But It Completely Blows Up in Its Face

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It appears that Bud Light has finally become what it always was — swill not fit for human consumption.

Sure, it took some heightened outrage at the beleaguered beer brand and its parent company, Anheuser-Busch InBev, after they worked with transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney, but it appears to have finally happened.

If you want to just look at the numbers, things are brutal for the beer makers.

  • The number of people fired as a direct result of this backlash: At least 645
  • The percentage that sales have fallen by: 28.4 percent
  • Bud Light’s loss in market value: At least $15.7 billion

But even those numbers don’t quite properly capture the genuine disdain and vitriol directed at the suffering beer brand.

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Just look at Bud Light’s Twitter presence.

Bud Light actually went dark for over a month on social media when the Mulvaney backlash was at a fever pitch, obviously hoping for a less toxic landscape whenever it made its not-so-triumphant return.

Boy, oh boy. Was Bud Light’s social media dead wrong about that strategy.

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Bud Light took to social media to promote a massive music tour that features some pretty well-known bands, like “OneRepublic” and “Dashboard Confessional.”

In fairness, it was a rather innocuous tweet, with a simple graphic and some promotional verbiage attached to it.

But if you take one look at the responses to that tweet, you would think Bud Light had gotten in bed with Mulvaney all over again.

Some tweets were just a “No” to the “RSVP” request in the tweet, an effective, if understated response.

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Other tweets were a bit more vitriolic:

“RIP all those bands,” one Twitter user commented.

One intrepid Twitter user suggested that Bud Light should probably just skip all of Texas for this “Backyard Tour.”

“When you gonna fire CEO?” another fed-up Twitter user commented.

One particularly vicious line of attack against the Twitter post was to refer to it as the “Backhole Tour” — a not-so-subtle reference to the purported connection between the LGBT lobby and anal sex.

So if the numbers are bad and general public sentiment is worse, does the suffering beer brand have any help left? Maybe one of the largest retailers in the country?

Nope, as it appears even the ubiquitous Costco looks like it could be getting out of the Bud Light game sooner than later.

This is all to say, as much as this writer despises the term “Go Woke, Go Broke” (it’s insultingly reductive), there may not be a more apt way to describe Bud Light’s ongoing conundrum.

Americans are beyond sick and tired of being told that up is down, green is red and that boys can become girls with little more than a monthly subscription to drugs and wildly experimental surgeries.

The fact that Bud Light can’t even promote a musical tour without being eviscerated by social media users is proof that Americans are, indeed, sick and tired — but now they’re finally doing something about it.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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