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Bud Light's Summer Campaign Off to a Rocky Start - People Notice What's Being Posted and Make Brewery Regret It

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A summer advertising blitz by the embattled Bud Light brand is not exactly winning over the American consumer, with mocking comments and photoshopped edits flooding the brewery’s replies to hilarious effect.

The posts have been consistently uploaded for the past two months across the brand’s social media profiles, a desperate move to win back customers that was first signaled in April of this year.

Unfortunately for the beer formerly known as “America’s favorite,” American drinkers are still furious over the brewery’s collaboration with transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney, and they’re not shy about letting the world know.

So far the campaign has been disastrous. Apparently not catching the hint yet, Bud Light is continuing to post and unwittingly feeding critics prime material for ridicule.

Critics are noticing the opportunity and taking serious advantage of it.

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One recent post made by the brewery Friday urged consumers to get out and enjoy the weekend, but the seemingly insincere message was pounced on immediately.

While the LGBT imagery and progressive messaging is nonexistent in this ad, the picture acted as a template for disgruntled drinkers to link the brand to imagery such as the hugging cowboys from “Brokeback Mountain” or to Mulvaney himself.

Will the Bud Light boycott ruin the brand?

The edits poke fun at pro-Bud Light celebrities and can easily gain more likes than the brewery’s original post.

Many others posted below the brand’s ad cannot be shared here due to wildly mature subject material — but it’s safe to say some people are very upset with the direction Bud Light has taken.

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It’s clear Bud Light has a problem, and it’s not an ineffective summer ad campaign.

The brand’s problems appear to be foundational in the corporate ranks, with executives and other higher officers refusing to take any responsibility for existential issues facing the company. Although these very executives may have created and exacerbated the problem, it’s the blue-collar workers who are now facing the threat of unemployment.

As leaders at Bud Light continue to blame others instead of addressing Americans’ true grievance, that a trusted company sold them out for points from the progressive crowd, the problem will continue to grow worse.

While advertising blitzes might be corporate’s solution to the mess, it looks like the campaigns will continue to fail.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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