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California Police Fining People $1000 for Sitting In Cars At the Beach, $500 for Fishing

It’s getting crazy out there, folks…

John Salvatore



Considering California has been hit harder with confirmed cases of coronavirus than most states, lawmakers have resorted to taking drastic measures.

Nowadays, sitting in your car at the beach and maybe getting out to stretch could cost you a decent chunk of cash.

From 10 News:

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The operation comes two days since law enforcement and county leaders said authorities would begin enforcing California’s and the county’s stay at home orders. San Diego County Sheriff Bill Gore said the maximum penalty of the health orders could be citation for a $1,000 fine or up to six months in jail, or both.

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“The orders, which require extreme social distancing, are critical in stopping the spread of the Coronavirus/COVID-19 and reducing the amount of time these orders are in place,” said Baggs.

Check out these tweets…

And here’s even more COVID-19 randomness, via Twitter…

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This is my cousin Alexa. She is a nurse working overtime, despite the risk. Herself, and all those in hospitals and the medical field need to know how much we love, appreciate, and support their sacrifice! Her field deals with some of the most immunocompromised out there. Here is a text she sent me that saddened me: “Got to work tonight to find out my unit is completely out of hand sanitizer. It breaks my heart knowing this is one more thing endangering my already immunocompromised patients in the NICU. If you guys or anyone you know have excess that you stocked up on and are willing to donate, please let me know. I will be going to different stores to try to find some to buy on my own as well.” The fact that our nurses are having to go hunt for hand sanitizer in their precious off time kills me. If anyone is available or willing to donate their hand sanitizer please give it to Cedars Sinai in Beverly Hills! Let’s pray for our warriors in the medical field doing battle for our citizens. All of you are appreciated and loved! Thank you!!! #ThankYouNurses #StaySafe #StayHome

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Lindsey Graham Weighs In On Mattis Criticism of Trump, Says He’s ‘Buying Into A Narrative’



South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham weighed in on some rather brutal comments made by former Defense Secretary Jim Mattis about President Donald Trump, stating that he was “buying into a narrative” after slamming the president for his handling of the riots and protests in light of the death of George Floyd. Graham made an appearance on Fox & Friends where he said that Mattis isn’t understanding, despite the several years he spent serving in his administration, that Trump is the victim of a political blame game. “The one thing I would tell Gen. Mattis is that you don’t quite understand that from the time President Trump wakes up until he goes to bed, there’s an effort to destroy his presidency. … Nobody wants to send active-duty troops into American cities unless they are invited and unless they are absolutely necessary,” Graham said during the interview. Here’s more from The Washington Examiner: “But I would say that Gov. Cuomo should have called out the National Guard early on, and I would ask Gen. Mattis to look at the behavior of the politicians in these cities and see if you can find fault with them,” he said, referring to New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo. “It is so fashionable to blame President Trump for every wrong in America, and he can be a handful, and can he do better? Yes. But the problems we have in America today weren’t caused by Donald Trump, and hopefully, he can help the nation heal some of these problems.” Mattis claimed that Trump was ordering the National Guard to “violate the constitutional rights of their fellow citizens” so that the president could have a “bizarre photo op” in front of St. John’s Episcopal Church near the White House on Monday. Trump responded to Mattis’s condemnation by tweeting,…

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A Thirty-Foot Ladder Has Appeared On Border Wall In California



New reports are indicated that individuals involved in the practice of human smuggling have created a makeshift ladder out of PVC pipes to scale the 30-foot border fence located in Calexico, California. The ladder itself appears to have been built by one or more individuals and then placed on the fence. There are 10 plastic plumbing pipes spaced out every three feet that makes it possible for a person to climb over from one side to the other. The construction on this portion of the border fence is part of President Trump’s border security agenda. The construction on it started last fall. Here’s more from The Washington Examiner: An old photo of the shorter wall that was replaced with this taller one shows it is directly on the international border and separates a neighborhood in Calexico from a neighborhood in Mexicali in Baja California, Mexico. Local media cited “coyotes,” or Mexicans who help people illegally enter the United States, as the likely builders of the ladder. Mexicali’s director of firefighters, Ruben Osuna, said the department has received 10 calls to rescue people trapped on top of the wall. Police officers in the Mexican town have detained more than 65 people who have attempted to cross the fence or damage it. Customs and Border Protection has not, at the time of this writing, responded to the reports nor for comment requests. Back in January, the Border Patrol, along with the San Diego Fire Department rescued three individuals who were stuck at the top of the fence in southwestern California. Before that, in December of 2019, photographs were captured by a journalist of someone attempting to use a rope ladder to scale the fence.

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