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Californians at Mercy of Wildfire Season After Newsom's Fire Prevention Service Fails to Complete a Single Project

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It looks like Californians may be in for another year of hell. In this rendition, the devil is played by Gov.Gavin Newsom.

More than two years ago, Newsom signed an agreement with the U.S. Forest Service. Under that deal, both the USFS and California would be tasked with implementing 500,000 acres of fire prevention and forest management in the state by 2025, according to CapRadio.  Sounds like a good plan.

The road to hell, of course, is paved — or in this case, burned — with good intentions.

In late 2019, the Newsom administration launched California Vegetation Treatment Program. The program was designed to fast-track California’s byzantine environmental approval process so forests could actually be managed and fires prevented. CalVTP undertook an environmental review of more than 20 million acres in the state. Their goal was to streamline the environmental review process for new projects by allowing them to use the CalVTP review as a template  — another good idea.

Newsom celebrated the program as a way to “increase the pace and scale of critical vegetation treatment in a way that safely and responsibly protects our environment,” as CapRadio reported.  “The scale of the wildfire crisis in California is unprecedented, and we need a response to match the scale and severity of this challenge,” Newsom said.

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The CalVTP’s output was projected to flourish by California’s Board of Forestry and Fire Protection. The goal was to manage approximately 250,000 acres every year by 2024. To accomplish this goal, the program would have to complete hundreds of projects annually.

Fast forward to August 2021. California was dealing with “unprecedented fire conditions.” Multiple fires, including the Dixie Fire, McFarland Fire, Caldor Fire, and others raged across the state. Apparently, Newsom’s agreement hadn’t kicked in.

It still hasn’t. After more than two years into the program, the CalVTP hasn’t resulted in a single completed project.

Is California becoming a hell on earth?

In January 2022, the National Weather Service reported a “surreal fire behavior given the wet Oct and Dec,” as reported by the BBC. An unseasonal wildfire raged in Monterey County.

The blaze forced the closure of scenic Highway 1. It also led to mandatory evacuations.

The fire, named the Colorado Fire, burned near Big Sur and toasted about 1,500 acres.  The area, strangely enough,  had “little or no fire history” according to a post by the Bay Area National Weather Service.

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“Anecdotally it seems as though the long term drought is acting like a chronic illness where even recent rains and cold winter weather isn’t helping to keep fires from developing,” the statement read.

Newsom, once again, has failed the people of California. The state may very well be in for another year of crazy wildfires. Newsom and his cronies have transmogrified what was once a paradise on earth into a living hell.

Most of the news covering this debacle focuses on cities filled with the homeless, rampant crime and drug addiction. It shouldn’t be forgotten that Newsom and crew have also managed to debase Mother Nature with their big government bureaucratic failures.

The good news? It’s not nice to fool with Mother Nature. She always wins in the end. Count on it.

The question is how many people will have to suffer property damage and even loss of life along the way due to the incompetence of these officials? Too many.

Californians don’t deserve this. It’s up to them to take back their government from the so-called liberal elites.

They’d better hurry, though. Daylight’s a burnin’.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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