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Camera Catches Jill Biden's Face When Joe Biden Calls Her Vice President - Her Look Says It All

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Last week, President Joe Biden got rather mixed up about first lady Jill Biden’s job history, referring to her as having once been the vice president, which, of course, she has not been.

As President Biden is himself a former vice president, first lady Jill Biden was once the second lady, which all the same seems rather difficult to mix up with “vice president.” Did he get her mixed up with himself?

Now, it’s bad enough that Biden has been displaying weakness left and right by running his gaffe-prone mouth as he attempts to play a game of nuclear chicken with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

This time around, he made it all the worse by doing so during the formal commissioning celebration for the USS Delaware, a Navy nuclear submarine to which first lady Biden served as a sponsor.

The president of the United States fumbling over roles his wife has previously held is a pretty bad look during borderline wartime, but this is what we’ve come to expect from the Biden administration.

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The same can be said for the look on the first lady’s face as he bungled this point, as she was likely acutely more aware of what was going on and the repercussions of his appearance in public than her husband appeared to be.

Mrs. Biden’s face, at the moment her husband refers to her work as the “vice president,” falls, and you can almost hear her internal groan upon taking in Biden’s latest gaffe.

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Her anguished expression is well representative of the mood that seems to often surround the president — that is, one of strained anxiety and bated breath for the next flub and potential need for a quick cover-up.

Of course, the first lady isn’t great at avoiding missteps herself. Remember that time she only hung stockings for the Biden grandchildren that weren’t fathered illegitimately to D.C. strippers by crack-addicted first son Hunter Biden and opted to simply remove all the stockings when the press caught wind of it?

Yeah. Real smooth.

No, things within the sphere of the Biden White House appear to be very tense and chaotic, and no wonder.

Biden is not only remarkably gaffe-prone, he has a long history of being accused of political corruption on top of now appearing to be befuddled, confused and borderline senile almost every time he appears in public.

When they’re not shooing reporters away from him, his handlers are shooing him away from reporters.

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There are rumors among D.C. insiders that his staffers have a full protocol in place to shield him from media scrutiny when he’s getting too chatty. And when he does have to provide public remarks (as he is, you know, the president of the United States), he comes armed with flashcards and notes.

And who can forget his oftentimes massive yet lamentably glitch-prone teleprompter?

The cameras didn’t miss the current Vice President Kamala Harris’ face during the State of the Union address last month, when she silently mouthed a correction as Biden inexplicably mixed up Iran with Ukraine.

And soon-to-be-former White House press secretary Jen Psaki admitted outright that she’d prefer Biden wouldn’t be quite so loose-lipped with members of the media, which we can only imagine has made her job as the president’s chief spokesperson incredibly difficult to navigate.

Everyone in the president’s inner circle seems to be stressed out, and they’re stressed out about one thing: what happens when Biden opens his mouth, which, as is so very often the case, leads to disaster.

Now, we get yet another mark in the seemingly endless list of indications that the man appears to be flirting dangerously with a cognitive state that would render him entirely unfit for office.

I’d be stressed out, too, if I were tasked with behaving as though any of this was normal.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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