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Canada's 'Freedom Trucker' Protest Grows Coast to Coast

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Our northern neighbors, while normally known for their convivial, almost apologetic demeanor, still have limits as to what they are willing to put up with.

Over the course of the last several weeks, Canadians of all shapes and sizes have been supporting a group of so-called “Freedom Truckers” who have been protesting the nation’s latest COVID-19 regulations that would force any unvaccinated drivers to quarantine for 14 days after any trip in which they cross the US border.  The move has the potential to cut some truckers’ incomes in half, and has been decried as “draconian” by those who convoyed into Ottawa to protest.

And while the Ottawa situation may require military assistance, (at least according to authorities in Canada’s capital city), there’s no telling what sort of response the national government will need to come up with as these demonstrations spread from Newfoundland to Vancouver.

From the western province of Alberta, moving east to Quebec City, and in cities and towns in between, thousands of Canadians have hit the streets in trucks, tractors, cars and on foot to protest the nation’s Covid-19 restrictions.

With persistent and noisy horn honking, protesters are demanding governments at all levels lift their health restrictions, including vaccine and mask mandates, lockdowns and restrictions on businesses and gatherings.

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“The whole event has gone beyond just vaccines and it is now about the entire ordeal,” protester James MacDonald told CNN, adding he’s been in Ottawa since last weekend and has no intention of leaving until health measures are dropped.

Clear across the country, the sentiment was just as strong.

In Vancouver, five people were arrested Saturday for allegedly adding to the general havoc as police received reports of “rocks and eggs being thrown, cars being kicked, and nails being strewn on roadways,” police said. Several hundred vehicles traveled through the city en route to the demonstration, Vancouver Police said.
When the truckers first descended upon Ottawa, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was whisked away to a secret safe house, as authorities suggested that the protests may turn violent.
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