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Canadian Authorities May Use Military to Clear 'Freedom Truckers' From Capital

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In Ottawa, Canada, a massive anti-vaccine mandate protest has been ongoing for days, and authorities are growing rather desperate to get it over with.

At the heart of the issue is a new rule that would require unvaccinated Canadian truck drivers to quarantine for 14 days after re-entering their home country from the United States, effectively cutting their productivity, and salaries, in half.

So, in response, these truckers formed a massive convoy, headed to the capital city of Ottawa, and parked.  Now, with the tractor trailer gathering continuing to disrupt life in this major city, authorities are considering bringing in the military to put an end to the demonstration.

Ottawa’s chief of police suggested Wednesday that the Canadian Armed Forces might have to be called in to handle the lingering protesters in the Canadian capital.

“This is a national issue, not an Ottawa issue,” Ottawa police Chief Peter Sloly said in a briefing to city councilors. “I am increasingly concerned there is no policing solution to this.”

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Sloly said that clearing protesters out of the city also comes with risks, that police aren’t capable of blocking access to the capital and that he would need a force of 50,000 officers to do so. He said that military aid remains a possibility.

And then…

During a later briefing Wednesday, a reporter asked the chief to clarify what he meant when he said there isn’t a policing end to the ongoing demonstrations.

“Can you be clear about what you mean?” asked the reporter. “That is alarming to people, and I’d like to hear what we’re talking about when we say that.”

Sloly responded that authorities are looking “at every potential option available to us within the legal bounds from negotiation through to court injunction through to an enforced removal.”

“Increasingly, as we see demonstrations, not just here, but elsewhere in the country, where there are efforts by strictly a policing action, we are not as confident as we have been that police alone will resolve this situation substantially, never mind in totality.”

As the truckers approached Ottawa, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was whisked away to a secret location, out of some unsubstantiated fear that he would be targeted by the peaceful protesters.

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