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Candace Owens Reportedly Scores Legal Victory - Failed Candidate Ordered to Pay $115,000

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A new report says conservative commentator Candace Owens has come out on top after a nearly 18-month court battle with a former Republican candidate for Congress.

Owens will receive $115,000 in legal fees after former candidate Kimberly Klacik’s defamation suit against her was dismissed, the Daily Wire reported Wednesday.

The outlet said it had seen copies of the legal documents to verify the outcome of the lawsuit.

Klacik shot to prominence during the 2020 elections when she was running for a seat representing the Baltimore area and walked through a slum neighborhood in a powerful video to show the extent of the poverty that existed under Democratic leaders.

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Despite the attention she received, Klacik lost the election.

In 2021, Owens made several accusations against Klacik, including allegations she had committed campaign fraud, used drugs and worked at a strip club.

Klacik sued for $20 million. The suit initially was filed in Baltimore but was transferred to Davidson County, Tennessee.

Was this lawsuit a waste of court time?

Klacik claimed the charges Owens made harmed her financially and cost her a book deal, according to the Baltimore Sun.

Last spring, Klacik said on social media that things were looking up after a judge ruled against a motion from Owens to dismiss the case.

Owens pushed back to say the claim was pure fiction.

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“This level of lying is actually incomprehensible to me,” Owens wrote at the time on Instagram.

“You realize that Kim Klacik is lying now on a judge that is currently presiding over a case. How does that person possess the audacity to disrespect a judge and to do so in public?”

As noted on the website Law & Crime, the two initially fell out publicly when Klacik accused Owens of not being engaged with the black community after Owens had issued a disparaging tweet about Juneteenth.

During a 2021 interview, Klacik acknowledged she had worked as a stripper, according to WBBF-TV.

“I feel bad for all those women that currently have that occupation that probably feel attacked right now,” Klacik said.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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