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Capitol Rioter Who Fled to Belarus Says FBI 'Let Him Go' to Europe

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In yet another strange incident in which the FBI has failed to do the job they set out to do, a man who participated in the attempted insurrection at the US Capitol is now suggesting that the FBI was fully aware of his plan to flee.

The Bureau has been at the center of a number of massive scandals of late, with many of them revolving around revelations that the organization was fully aware of potential and actual criminals who they declined to enforce the laws upon.  This includes a number of mass shooters, including the perpetrators in the Parkland High School shooting and the Pulse Nightclub massacre.

This time around, it appears as though the agency allowed one of the Capitol rioters to leave the country, even after connecting with him at the airport.

In an interview with the Russian state media outlet RT, which aired over the weekend, Evan Neumann said he left the US for Europe because he didn’t have enough money to defend himself.

“My manufacturer was in Italy, so I planned a business trip. I was interviewed by the FBI and let go at the airport. They knew what I was doing and they let me go,” Neumann, who is from Mill Valley, California, told RT.

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He said he believes that for that reason, he “can’t be charged with fleeing.”

And it gets worse:

The FBI put Neumann on its most-wanted list in July. Neumann faces six criminal charges relating to the January 6 attack, including assaulting police officers, obstructing law enforcement, and knowingly entering the Capitol without permission, according to a March criminal complaint.

The documents said FBI agents had interviewed Neumann at San Francisco International Airport in February, where he admitted to taking a trip to Washington, DC, on the weekend of January 6 but declined to say whether he entered any federal buildings.

Belarus and the United States do not have a mutual extradition agreement, which could make it difficult for Neumann to be brought back to the US any time soon.

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