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Carville Crosses the Line, Depicts MAGA Movement as...

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When the sum total of your political relevancy comes down to being a loud and abrasive talking head on television, there’s no telling how far you’ll have to take your caricature to remain employed, particularly as the turgid swirl of the infotainment industry continues to evolve.

And so, Democratic fossils like James Carville will continue to scrape together invites to blather about on television, just so long as every appearance comes complete with an inflammatory soundbite that they can use in teasers meant to keep the ratings up through the commercial breaks.

During a recent appearance on MSNBC, Carville crossed a line.

Monday on the Senate floor, Sen. Chuck Schumer said, “I say to my Republican colleagues, embracing the MAGA way of divisiveness, nastiness, negativity without constructive compromise, that’s how Donald Trump wanted it. Some of our colleagues follow him. That will be a disaster. That will be wrong. It will be bad for America, but it will also be bad for the Republican Party because these elections have shown that the MAGA Republican way is not where the American people want to be.”

Then came his drug-addled euphemism.

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Carville said, “There’s no danger that they’ll take this advice. I think Senator Schumer knows it. MAGA still runs the Republican Party. That’s who they are. They’re not going to change. They have everything invested in this. They’ll say, look, we barely lost because we weren’t MAGA enough. We tried to run some of these squishy candidates. Of course, that is not true, but that’s what they’re going to tell themselves. They can’t get off it. They are on the crack. You just watch. There’s all this, ‘Oh no, wait a minute – we’re going get the Republican Party back, and we’re going to have George H.W. Bush.’ No, you’re not. It’s gone, bye-bye. MAGA is running the show. I expect they will run the show for the foreseeable future.”

Carville has made a reputation for himself as some “Ragin’ Cajun” sort of character, sure, but comparing a political party to crack addicts is cheap…even for him.

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