Six-Story Office Complex May Be Razed to Make Room for a Couple Dozen EV Chargers: Report

The purpose for this project, is to meet the anticipated demand for the increased number of EV drivers in the LA area.
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Impoverished Mom Explains How She Wasted $10,800 in Taxpayer Money Handed to Her Under Progressive Program

"I wanted to have fun," the 27-year-old mother of three said of how she spent the lump sum of $10,800 she was given.
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Former Dem Senator Claire McCaskill Melts Down on Live TV After Biden Receives an Ounce of Scrutiny from Media

"I move that every newspaper in America quits doing any fact checks on Joe Biden until they fact-check Donald Trump ..."
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Illegal Immigrant Involved in Death of LEO Files Suit Against County and the Late Officer's Estate

Attorneys for 19-year-old illegal immigrant charged in connection with officer's death appear eager to get their case into federal court.
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Watch: 'All Hail the Power of Jesus' Name' Rings Out Through State Capitol as Christians Push to Abolish Abortion

The Constitution is a document shaped by Christian moral truths. Truth cannot be changed, neither can the spirit of the Constitution.
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Watch: Nikki Haley Shut Down By Fox News Host, Hit with Cold Hard Truth About Trump and Putin Live on Air

Nikki Haley was effortlessly shut down by a Fox News host when she tried to spread the left-wing's talking points of Trump and Russia.
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