DeSantis Unloads on Biden Administration for 'Indefensible' Ban on COVID Antibody Treatments

The Republican governor said the Biden administration is 'scrambling to cover up a failure to deliver on a promise to "shut down the virus."'
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Breaking Exclusive: In Next 24 Hours Gen. Flynn Will Expose Massive Case of 'Corruption' in Higher Ed

'Parlange distorts the facts and adopts lies and gossip spread for years in connection with the, now confirmed, framing of General Flynn.'
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Journalist Pulls Out Phone, Calls Number Listed as Prince Andrew's Phone in Epstein's 'Little Black Book'

“Prince Andrew has nowhere to go. He’s effectively a dead man walking as far as the royal family is concerned.”
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Truck Drivers Become Biden & Trudeau's Worst Nightmare, Disrupt US-Canada Border to Protest Mandate

Truckers slowed traffic at the border to protest stringent vaccine requirements that threaten their livelihoods and the supply chain.
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Report: Jeffrey Epstein's Lawyer Ordered Ex-Staffers to Say Bill Clinton Never Visited 'Pedo Island'

If a new report is any indication, it may have been the Clinton family who deserved investigation following the 2016 election.
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Breaking: Maxwell Will No Longer Protect Names of 8 Men Allegedly Tied to Epstein's Underage Trafficking

The eight 'John Does' are part of a lawsuit brought against Britain's Prince Andrew by Epstein victim Virginia Giuffre.
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