'Rep. Nutmeg' Becomes First Elf on a Shelf to Introduce Congressional Legislation

“I strongly believe maintaining a joyful holiday spirit is more important than ever before,” the congressional elf said on social media.
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'Never Seen Anything Like This': Church Baptizes 141 People on a Single Sunday

Upstate Church in South Carolina baptized 141 people in a single day across its six locations, topping its previous high of 35.
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Why Scientists Made Mini Virtual Reality Goggles For Mice

New miniature Virtual Reality goggles for MICE could revolutionize lab testing, say scientists. Besides just being cute, these miniature goggles provide more effective and cheaper immersive experiences for mice living […]

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Breakthrough Research Offers Hope For Curing Arthritis

<img src="" alt="Crippling arthritis could one day not just be treated but actually cured, according to the latest research. PHOTO BY TOWFIQU BARBHUIYA/UNSPLASH”> Crippling arthritis could one day not just […]

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