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Schaftlein Report | Xi and Putin meet in Moscow

  Guest – Drew Allen 1) China shifted the majority of their oil purchases to Russia over Saudi Arabia 1A) International Criminal Court issues arrest warrant for Putin war crimes. […]

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Schaftlein Report | European Central Bank Raises Rates 50 basis Points as Expected

Guest – Jeffrey Dunetz 1) European bank stocks are stabilize as Credit Suisse receives $54B commitment from the Swiss National Bank. 1A) The Federal Reserve meets next week. The expectation […]

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Schaftlein Report | Policy Shift at the Southern Border?

Guest Jeffrey Dunetz 1) A Florida Federal Judge strikes down a Biden policy of “Catch and Release” Administration claims there are not enough facilities to handle the flow. We’ll try […]

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Schaftlein Report | Biden Gains? Trump Falls?

Guest – Jeffrey Dunetz 1) According to recent polling, President Biden is gaining support among Democrats and left leaning Independents, while former President Trump support among Republicans and conservative Independents […]

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Schaftlein Report Jan 12, 2023

1) Consumer Price Index in line with expectations. Gas fell 9% in December while food was up 12% year over year 2) Biden Declassified Documents – The left defends him, […]

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