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Catholic Priest Says A Prayer For 'Unborn Child In The Womb' During The DNC

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A Catholic priest who was called upon to deliver a prayer during the Democratic National Convention no doubt made quite a few folks very, very angry by praying for and making a plea on behalf of unborn children at the end of the event.

Rev. James Martin, a Jesuit who has caused quite a stir in the Catholic Church for his writings about gay and transgender issues, prayed that folks who were watching the event would open their hearts to “those most in need,” which included “the unborn child in the womb.”

Here’s more on this from The Washington Examiner:

“Help to be a nation where every life is sacred, all people are loved, and all are welcome,” he said.

Martin confirmed to the Washington Examiner earlier in the week that his prayer would contain explicit references to the unborn.

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Although a hot-button issue for much of the Democratic primary, abortion did not play a major role in the Democratic convention. Aside from Martin’s prayer, the issue received only minimal attention, with some speakers mentioning it in their speeches.

Republicans, by contrast, are gearing up to make a major issue of abortion at the Republican National Convention next week. In addition to several anti-abortion speakers, the Republican National Committee invited Cardinal Timothy Dolan, archbishop of New York, to deliver the convention’s opening prayer. Dolan has previously done so at both the Republican and Democratic conventions, during which he prayed for the protection of the unborn.

At the end of the day, abortion is one of the most critical issues to face our culture in modern history. The reason, of course, is because fundamentally, at the core of the issue, is the defense of the most basic right we all have. The God-given right to exist, to live.

If we cannot protect the rights of our most vulnerable citizens, those who have not yet been born, how in the world can we defend liberty for those who already exist.

Freedom is for a moral people. Slaughtering the unborn is far from moral.

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