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Chairman Has Mic Cut, Is Arrested After Confronting Warren Buffett on Ties to Bill Gates

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A speaker offering comments Berkshire Hathaway Chairman/CEO Warren Buffett did not want to hear was removed from Saturday’s annual shareholder meeting and arrested.

Prior to being escorted from the meeting by police, National Legal and Policy Center Chairman Peter Flaherty had his microphone cut, the center said on its website.

Flaherty had been on thin ice for much of his presentation, but his mic was cut, and he was removed not long after touching on the connection between Bill Gates and convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

The connection, Flaherty had been insisting, was Buffett’s support for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

“I apparently touched the third rail of billionaire politics when I mentioned Jeffrey Epstein’s name. I’ve been involved in shareholder activism for 19 years, and I have never before had my mic cut, and I was never before arrested,” Flaherty said, according to the Daily Signal.

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After being removed and charged with trespassing, “I was treated like any other criminal, fingerprinted, handcuffed,” Flaherty said. “I’ve always been courteous with decorum at the annual shareholder meetings. I didn’t raise my voice. I was not disruptive.”

Flaherty wants the charges dropped and an apology from Berkshire Hathaway.

According to the NLPC website, Flaherty’s comments came in the context of a call for an independent chair, so Berkshire “would be less identified with Mr. Buffett’s personal political activities.”

The NLPC site noted that after a Berkshire official privately told Flaherty to stay “on topic,” he objected publicly to being muzzled.

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“You are not going to censor what I say, ma’am. I’m very sorry. And I appeal to the Chair (occupied by Buffett) that I be allowed to continue. Sir?”

“You may continue but under the three-minute limitation,” Buffett said.

During his presentation, Flaherty focused on the activities of the Gates Foundation.

“If ‘woke’ culture is a disease, then philanthropy is the virus,” he said.

“The Gates Foundation bankrolls the teaching of Critical Race Theory around the country, including that math is inherently racist. The Gates Foundation offers a Gender Identity Toolbox which asserts that gender is the result of ‘socially and culturally constructed ideas.’ This is a lie. Gender is not a cultural construct. It is a genetic and biological fact,” he said.

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He then dropped the Epstein bomb.

“Bill Gates cares about children. He met and traveled with Jeffrey Epstein many times after Epstein was convicted of sex crimes. The Gates Foundation had a huge influence over the COVID response fiasco. Bill Gates defended China’s COVID policies and still discounts the possibility that the virus originated from a lab, even though U.S. intelligence agencies disagree,” he said.

“The Gates Foundation may be the largest single donor to the ‘dark money’ machine known as Arabella Associates. It funds causes like defunding the police that are making American cities unlivable,” Flaherty said, adding, “Money goes, too, to groups conducting…”

At that point, the mic went dead, and Flaherty was escorted out of the meeting.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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