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Charlotte Private School Just Got Busted by the Feds. Here's What They Did.

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Evelyn Mack, who runs a private school next to East Mecklenburg High School in Charlotte, has pled guilty to federal charges of using the institution to help foreign students avoid Immigration Customs and Enforcement agents.

Mack falsely enrolled these foreign students who were being sought by basketball recruiters and coaches.

She could end up facing ten years in prison and is currently out on bond.

A federal indictment says Mack took about $1,000 per student from athletic recruiters to falsely represent about 75 foreign teens as students in Evelyn Mack Academy, which was authorized to enroll high school students under F1 visas. It says she entered false information into the Department of Homeland Security’s computerized tracking system, allowing them to avoid detection by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency, known as ICE.

The indictment and an affidavit from an ICE agent itemize two instances that happened in late 2014 and early 2015, with the youths’ identities concealed. Both eventually enrolled in different schools, the documents say, but Mack failed to update their records.

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No details were provided on other cases, but the indictment says that Mack “falsely represented that approximately 75 aliens were full-time students” at Evelyn Mack Academy.

For the 2016-2017 school year, the academy received $25,200 in money from the state through the Opportunity Scholarship program which helps provide resources for low-income students to afford attending private schools.

One of the foundational pillars of American society is that we are a nation of laws, a country that fairly and accurately applies those laws to all individuals. It’s what helps maintain order and defends our society from falling into chaos.

Immigration laws exist to help protect our citizens from dangerous illegals, but also to protect our resources from being depleted. These resources are meant only for our own citizens, as that’s all we can afford.

What this woman did by ignoring our laws was to allow these resources, who could’ve gone to underprivileged American students, to be used on those who aren’t citizens, putting their needs above the needs of her own people in her own country.

It’s despicable to say the least. Here’s to hoping she gets the maximum sentence for her crime and learns to obey the laws of the land.

Source: Charlotte Observer

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