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Chattanooga Mass Shooting Rocks Southeast 5 Days After Uvalde

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In the days following the Robb Elementary School shooting in Uvalde, Texas, America has been on edge.  This heinous crime reminded us, quite brutally, of the evil in this world, and we’ve been grieving ever since.

Now, in this state of disbelief and disgust, another shooting has occurred, this time in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

At least six people were injured on Saturday night during an exchange of gunfire in downtown Chattanooga, Tennessee, police said.

Chattanooga Police officers were patrolling downtown at about 10:48 p.m. local time when they “observed multiple parties exchanging gunfire and numerous people fleeing the area” near 100 Cherry St.

“Our Officers began rendering aid to the victims as well as assisting others to safety,” a police spokesperson said. “They were able to detain at least one person of interest in the incident in the moments after the shooting began.”

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Police stated that the shooting likely occurred between two quarreling groups of people, with potential gang involvement as well.



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