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Chelsea Clinton Implies Social Media Giant Should Ban Tucker Carlson's Vaccine Post

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If a liberal says something, anything, it is to be taken as fact. Period. The problem is that most of the things they say are BS are should actually be taken with a grain of salt.

People like Chelsea Clinton literally do not want conservatives to have a voice. Dissenting opinion, to them, is not tolerated – at all.

Check this out, via The Daily Wire:

On Wednesday, former first daughter Chelsea Clinton tweeted a disapproving message about Fox News television host Tucker Carlson, seemingly calling for Facebook to ban his content.

The tweet came in response to a post that received attention online from various Twitter users regarding Carlson’s comments about the current vaccination campaign in the United States.

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More from The Hill:

Carlson’s Tuesday remarks came in the context of news that day that the distribution of Johnson & Johnson’s vaccine was being paused throughout the country because of concerns about a rare type of blood clot that has developed in six women who received the shot.

Carlson has described himself as pro-vaccine, but the comments were criticized by public health officials such as Anthony Fauci, who in an interview with CNN Wednesday said it was “just a typical crazy conspiracy theory.”


Let’s hear your thoughts on censorship and cancel culture in the comment section…

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