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CHENEY FLIPS: Liz Stumps for Democrats in Midterms

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Liz Cheney’s time in Congress may be coming to and end, but the Wyoming “Republican” certainly appears to be going out with a bang.

Not only has Cheney been disavowed by the Republican Party of Wyoming for her defiant stance on all things Trump, but now it appears as though the Cowboy State lawmaker is even hoping to push a few Democrats over the electoral edge.

Republican Liz Cheney, one of Donald Trump’s fiercest critics, lent her support Tuesday to two Democrats battling for key swing seats in the final days of the US midterm elections.

During separate events in the midwest states of Ohio and Michigan, Cheney expressed support for Democratic candidates as a bulwark against her own party’s lurch toward Trump, whom she argues is a threat to democracy.

Her remarks were unmistakable.

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“While we can say, look, the (President Joe) Biden economic policies are not policies we would support, and we believe in limited government, low taxes and a strong national defense, we don’t even get to have those debates if we elect Donald Trump again,” Cheney said at an event Tuesday morning in Cleveland, Ohio.

“And we don’t get to have that debate if we elect election deniers who embrace what the former president is doing and saying now, and what we know now that he was willing to do, and what we know that he did.”

In Ohio’s Senate race, Cheney said that she preferred Democratic candidate Tim Ryan over Republican J.D. Vance, who once fiercely opposed Trump but has since changed his tune.

Cheney will not be returning to Congress come January after losing her primary race some months ago.

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