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Chernobyl Scientists Say Lab was Looted, Radioactive Material Stolen

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In one of the more alarming, (and confusing), storylines of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the world watched in horror as the Kremlin’s troops made a bee-line for the Chernobyl nuclear disaster site at the very onset of the war.

Workers there, who remain in order to keep the molten, nuclear core from causing any further damage to the world, were held hostage, forced to work lengthy hours and under the threat of being shot.

Now, those same workers are warning the world that someone has absconded with radioactive material from an on-site lab.

A radiation monitoring lab near the Chernobyl nuclear site was looted during the Russian invasion, Ukrainian scientists from the Institute for Safety Problems of Nuclear Power Plants (ISPNPP) told news outlets over the past week.

The consequences of the Russian invasion of the exclusion zone around the decommissioned nuclear power plant are still emerging after its forces withdrew and allowed Ukraine to recapture the area.

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Chernobyl was the site of the world’s worst-ever nuclear disaster in 1986. It is also not far from Kyiv, the Ukrainian capital, and was an early target in the Russian invasion.

Anatolii Nosovskyi, director of the ISPNPP in Kyiv, told Science that looters apparently took off with radioactive isotopes used to calibrate instruments, as well as nuclear waste left over from the 1986 nuclear accident.

And, in keeping with the narrative that Russia could be planning to employ false flag attacks to justify their invasion…

An unnamed source from the ISPNPP told New Scientist that the scientists had been pushed out of the labs in the town of Chernobyl, about seven miles south of the site of the main reactors, when the Russian troops took control of the area.

The ISPNPP sources said that the material could be used to make a “dirty bomb,” a weapon that combines radioactive material with an explosive device to scatter contamination over a large area.

Russian soldiers traveling to Chernobyl accidentally nuked themselves by driving through the “red forest” unwittingly, stirring up radioactive dust, and without proper protection.

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