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Chicago Bears Place Kicker Still Getting Death Threats After Season-Ending Kick

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Chicago is the Windy City, we all know, but apparently some of that wind is coming out of the mouths of still furious Bears fans who are still sending death threats to Bears place kicker Cody Parkeyfor missing that one kick that could have won the game and sent the team to the next round of the playoffs.

Parkey and his family have been fielding death threats since his disastrous, game-losing, bungled field goal during last Sunday’s game against the Philadelphia Eagles.

As the game clock wound down, the Bears were down by only a single point, and kicker Parkey had that one shot to win the game with a last-second field goal attempt. But as Parkey, his teammates and fans were crushed when the ball bounced uselessly off the uprights and failed to earn the points needed. It was his seventh such failed kick for the season, but the most consequential. Later analysis noted that an Eagles player had managed to get a tip on the ball, just enough to cause it to miss.

The Eagles won 16-15 and the big W sent them to the next round of the playoffs.

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Now the Bears will go into winter quarters, instead of the Super Bowl.

The 26-year-old Parkey did not try to shift the blame. After the game, he took full responsibility for the missed goal. “I feel terrible,” he told the media.

It was definitely a heartbreaker for Chicago. But while the Bears went into Winter vacation, some fans went into overdrive with threats against Parkey for the loss, according to FanBuzz.

Parkey’s kick was both the game-loser and the season-ender for the Bears, and, apparently, some fans are furious enough to let the player just how mad they are.

Now, be prepared. Many of these Tweets are very violent and filled with hate. Language warning:

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But, in the end, after all the attacks the player withstood, it turns out that the play was re-classified as a block as game video shows that a member of the Eagles was able to get a hand on the ball causing it to veer off course and miss the goal.

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