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Chicago's '51st Alderman' Rails Against the Corrupt City, Calls for Trump to Come In and Clean Up

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Chicago has always been a city of characters.

From author Studs Terkel to columnist Mike Royko to the first Mayor Richard Daley, Chicago has long been home to some colorful individuals.

While all of the above are dead, 81-year-old George Blakemore, the city’s honorary “51st alderman” remains.

And as the city is in turmoil over illegal immigration, Blakemore says people – especially blacks – should abandon Democrats and consider supporting Donald Trump.

While coming off as a bit eccentric, Blakemore, who holds no elected office, has been attending Chicago city council meetings for more than 30 years.

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He regularly takes his allotted three minutes to address the council during public comment periods.

And he attends other government meetings, too, like the Cook County Board and the Metropolitan Water Reclamation Board, according to WLS-TV.

And Blakemore is no crazy guy just blowing smoke. He really has a deep understanding of Chicago government and politics — thus the honorary title of 51st alderman.

Would Donald Trump be able to clean up Chicago?

“George Blakemore is a classic Chicago character,” according to veteran local journalist Laura Washington.

“He comes from the streets. He knows the streets,” she said, “And he speaks for the streets.”

Blakemore left Oklahoma for Chicago in 1970, taught for awhile in the city’s public schools system, then became a street vendor and an artist.

“He’s always been the person who’s spoken for the voiceless, the person who’s not at City Hall,” according to Washington.

“He sees himself as a representative of the citizens who are not in the room and who maybe don’t understand government as well as he does. He understands government better than probably 90% of the Chicago City Council.”

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While unsuccessful in running as a Republican for Cook County Commissioner in 2018, Blakemore still managed to garner 11,000 votes.

In a TikTok video interview shared by Real Cons of Twitter, Blakemore, besides being critical of the lack of Democrat responsiveness to blacks and suggesting voting for Donald Trump, blasted illegal immigration in Chicago.

“It affects the educational system, the welfare system, and the whole social environment,” Blakemore said.

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“[W]e black people have not overcome the legacy of slavery,” he continued. “And bringing a new people in to compete with us for jobs, goods, contracts and services is devastating to our community, because we need it.

“I know it sounds kind of selfish, but self-preservation is the first law of nature, and we resent the government letting these people come in under the guise of sanctuary, under the guise of new Americans.

“What about the old Americans?” asked Blakemore, who also noted that people, including government, know who he is and his background, but regarding illegal immigrants: “They do not do checks on these people,” he said.

“They know nothing about them, when it comes to their health, mental health, physical health. They don’t know if they’re criminals or nothing.”

And then there are the politicians. “The so-called black leadership is silent!’ he exclaimed.

“Black people have been on the Democratic plantation long enough,” according to Blakemore. “We have to teach these people, these Democrats, how to treat us. … We cannot continue to just vote blindly for the Democrats …

“Try Trump out,” he said. “Try the Republican out. It can’t get any worse.” 

In one recent meeting, Blakemore called Chicago “the most corrupt city in the United States” and appealed directly to Trump, urging the former president to “come in here and clean this mess up!”

Interesting guy, this George Blakemore. In some respects, he seems like just one more Chicago character.

But listen to him for a while, and you’ll note that Blakemore sounds like much more than that. He sounds like a thoughtful Chicagoan with character.


This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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