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China Practices Sinking American Warships in Latest Taiwan Drills

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The Chinese Communist Party suffered an embarrassing blow to their global posturing last week as US House Speaker defied Beijing and visited Taiwan, without any of China’s prior threats regarding the trip coming to fruition.

Beijing had warned Pelosi not to go, saying that it was a grave diplomatic error that could forever damage the relationship between the US and China.  Media mouthpieces for the CCP even went so far as suggest that Pelosi’s plane might be shot out of the sky on it descent into Taipei.

None of this happened, of course, and China was sure to wait until US military assets were out of the region to begin their belligerent barking routine again, this time with a number of major military drills in the waters off of Taiwan…some of which have a very distinct anti-American theme to them. 

CHINA boasted it has rehearsed sinking US aircraft carriers using hypersonic missiles as part of a massive war games amid simmering tensions over Taiwan.

Beijing’s state controlled media bragged recent missile launches were squarely aimed at hitting any “foreign aircraft carriers” that could interfere with a “reunification-by-force operation”.

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The claims were rather hearty, to say the least.

Beijing’s state run media bragged the drills showed how China could attack the island by first unleashing a wave of rocket strikes across the Taiwan Strait.

And it then boasted missile launches showed how the Communist forces could also strike any “foreign” aircraft carriers that may attempt to “intervene from the Philippine Sea”.

Hypersonic missiles such as the DF-17 could be used, it claimed, to hit “moving targets at sea”.

But Beijing has been largely bark with no real bite as of yet, leaving serious doubts as to whether or not China would dare to test America’s resolve on the issue.

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