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China Warns Biden Over Taiwan Remarks as WWIII Trends

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Joe Biden’s gaffes and miscommunications have often been a bit bizarre, bewildering, or bumbling, certainly, but it looks as though the Commander in Chief’s mouth has now pushed us a little closer to World War III this week.

Biden, in answering a questions regarding the safety and security of Taiwan, suggested that the US would intervene militarily against China should they latter decide to invade the former.

Beijing wasn’t too thrilled with the comment.

The United States is “playing with fire,” the Chinese State Council’s Taiwan Affairs Office said Monday, after President Joe Biden vowed to defend the self-ruled island in the event Beijing attempts to take control, state media reported.

The United States is “using the ‘Taiwan card’ to contain China, and will itself get burned,” said Zhu Fenglian, a spokeswoman for the office.

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The remarks by Biden earlier in the day were his strongest to date on the issue of Taiwan and come amid rising tensions over China’s growing economic and military power.

The warning was stern.

State outlet Xinhua said Zhu “urged the United States to stop any remarks or actions” that violate previously established principles between the two countries.

The White House has repeatedly warned that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine could embolden Beijing in their quest to take Taiwan for themselves.

The spat between DC and Beijing had “WWIII” briefly trending on Twitter.

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