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Chris Christie's Boozy Bravado Takes Aim at President Trump

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There are few politicians in America that have the complicated reputation that Chris Christie has.

For years, Christie was seen as the lovable, next-door neighbor type leader; the guy who has the nicest lawn on the block.  He held a real down-home appeal…at least for a few minutes.

Then came the predictable New Jersey corruption scandals, all topped off with a now-infamous photograph of a shirtless Christie relaxing on a beach with his family.  While it may sound innocuous enough, that beach was closed to the public per Christie’s orders.

Since that time, the public perception of Christie has slid enormously.

It doesn’t seem like the former New Jersey Governor is looking to rein it in anytime soon, either.

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Former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie was Stephen Colbert’s guest on Tuesday’s Late Show, and at his request, they began the interview with tequila shots. “Where do you think the wheels came off during the shutdown?” Colbert asked. “The president blew it,” Christie replied. “When?” Colbert asked, and Christie answered: “When he shut the government down with no plan on how to reopen it.” Christie said he warned Trump beforehand that “if you’re going to do this, you’d better have an exit plan.” That obviously didn’t happen, “and he got goose egg,” Colbert said. “Yes, in politics, we call that getting rolled,” Christie said.

Christie said it hurts him “personally” when Trump undermines democracy by attacking the Justice Department and the FBI. So after two years, “do you regret at all helping this man get elected?” Colbert asked. Christie grabbed the bottle of tequila. He said in 2016 he preferred Trump to Hillary Clinton, “and I still agree with what his policies are more than I agree with Hillary Clinton’s,” but it’s true Trump “has turned the Republican Party into something different that it was when I started to run for president.” “Yeah, the Kremlin,” Colbert joked.

But then came the clincher…

“Would you have been a better president than Trump?” Colbert asked. “Yes,” Christie said, no hesitation.

A few more swigs of the firewater and Christie may declare his candidacy, it seems.

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