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Chris Cuomo Seems Open to Voting for Trump in 2024: 'The Data's the Data'

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There’s no way for the incumbent to spin or sugar-coat this: Things are looking really, really bad for President Joe Biden’s 2024 re-election hopes.

How bad?

Bad enough that one of the most recognizable faces within one of the most recognizable Democrat surnames is openly considering not voting for Biden.

To make matters so much worse for Biden, former CNN host and renowned hothead Chris Cuomo isn’t just considering not voting for Biden … He’s openly considering voting for former President Donald Trump.

Cuomo, the embattled NewsNation host, appeared on Friday’s episode of the “PBD Podcast” and discussed a number of topics — including the looming 2024 general election.

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You can watch the whole episode below:

Toward the end of the wide-ranging discussion, Cuomo, a card-carrying Democrat if there ever was one, opened up that a second Trump presidency isn’t something he would particularly loathe.

Do you think Trump has a good chance at becoming president again?

Cuomo reached this conclusion by first offering what little praise he could for Biden.

“Joe was nice when my father died,” Cuomo said. “He said nice things to us. That’s nice.

“Do I think [Biden] is the best of us? No.

“Do I think he’s the best we can do as president? Absolutely not.

“Do I think he’s the best the Democrats can do? Hell, no.”

Given those criticisms, podcast host Patrick Bet-David asked whether Cuomo would abstain from voting in a hypothetical 2024 general election that pitted Biden and Trump against each other.

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“If you get those two, though, you going to sit it out?” Bet-David asked.

“If it’s Biden-Trump…” Cuomo began. “Look, for me, again, we survived a Trump administration. Would we survive another one? Yes.”

And this is where Cuomo dropped, perhaps, his most scathing assessment of the incumbent.

“I don’t think there’s any greater risk to America with him, than with Biden,” Cuomo matter-of-factly stated.


For a president who campaigned for the 2020 general election claiming that Trump was a grave threat to Democracy, Biden can’t be particularly enamored with Cuomo’s assessment.

“And for people who are now going to attack me, and say ‘What are you talking about? Trump is like this crazy man’ and look,” Cuomo explained. “You know, as Patricks says, the data is the data.

“Nobody was trying to kill us when Trump was president, in a way that they’re not now. If anything, there’s more hostility.

“And you can have reasons for that, any way you want, I’m just saying, existentially, I’m not afraid of a Trump presidency. Existentially, I’m not afraid of another Biden presidency, because unlike many people in America, I believe that the country is much stronger than any individual leader.”

So, OK, Cuomo appears to have adopted something of a nihilistic mindset regarding America’s elected leaders, but who is he actually voting for?

“I don’t even know why, but you know, in terms of who I’m going to vote for … I would really have to see where we are at that moment in time,” Cuomo explained.

“So you’re open to a Trump vote?” Bet-David asked.

At this point that Cuomo launched into word vomit to effectively avoid directly answering the question … but looking at the answers that Cuomo gave throughout this podcast, with regard to Biden versus Trump, it’s pretty clear that the answer to that question is “yes.”

And how can it not be?

By virtually any metric, anecdote or statistic, the country is in a much worse place under Biden’s leadership, as opposed to Trump’s leadership (pre-pandemic), and only a blathering fool would try to argue otherwise.

But now, even blathering fools like Cuomo can clearly see that Biden’s leadership is lacking, to say the least.

That all being said, this writer would be remiss not to posit at least one more explanation for Cuomo openly waffling on voting for Biden: The Democrats are actually finished with Biden.

There is more than one voice opining that Democrats are slowly preparing former first lady Michelle Obama or California Gov. Gavin Newsom to somehow replace Biden as the Democrat nominee going into 2024.

While those notions are certainly of the more conspiratorial nature, if you were going to slowly start phasing out the incumbent president … what better way to get that going than to have a capital “D” Democrat openly wondering if he should vote for Trump instead?

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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