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Christians Are Livid Over 'He Gets Us' Super Bowl Commercial - 'Pure Blasphemy'

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There’s been lots of talk among Christians about the “He Gets Us” ad during Sunday’s Super Bowl.

Watching the 60-second commercial unfold, it struck me for the most part as just another fluffy feel-good McJesus pitch as it depicted people practicing servitude by washing their neighbor’s feet.

But wait a minute — washing someone’s feet in front of a “family planning clinic”? What’s that all about?

And then the kicker. The syrupy music ends and graphics read, “Jesus didn’t teach hate. He washed feet. He gets us. All of us.”

Uh oh.

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Tie the word “hate” to anything related to Jesus and you enter decoding territory. Christians know that “hate” is code for allegiance to biblical principles regarding sin, judgment and the need for repentance.

The classic film “The Princess Bride” comes to mind, causing one to paraphrase how Inigo Montoya might comment on “He Gets Us” — “I do not think that means what you think it means.”

To see the reaction on X, it seems many Christians would align with Inigo Montoya.

Actor, director, producer and author Kevin Sorbo posted, “Jesus doesn’t affirm sin.”

Christian influencer Allie Beth Stuckey said that she has gotten “lambasted” for criticizing “He Gets Us” in the past, but her concerns remain.

“Shouldn’t we just be happy Jesus’ name is getting to millions of people?” she asked rhetorically. “If it’s not the Biblical Jesus, then no.”

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“If you’ve got the money and opportunity to buy a Super Bowl ad slot, share the gospel. Don’t waste it on some ambiguous mumbo jumbo that makes Jesus into our image rather than depicting Him as the King and Savior He is,” Stuckey added.

Daily Wire reporter Megan Basham wrote, “We should certainly love sinners just as Jesus did. But part of that is teaching that they are sinners. … He Gets Us erases the message of our sinfulness and makes the washing of feet nothing more than a cheap slogan.”

Producer and director Robby Starbuck posted that the commercial “seems to imply that Jesus was cool with all kinds of sinful behavior. He wasn’t.”

One user even called the ad “pure blasphemy.”

So why are Christians taking issue with the “He Gets Us” ad? What is their problem?

Actually, they’re not the ones with the problem.

The real issue is not that God gets us. He does, of course — in that he sees our sin. And he has provided a remedy through Jesus Christ.

The real issue — as reflected by those objecting to the ad — is how we stand before God. Do we get him?

Do we understand his holiness, righteousness and our total inability to be in his presence unless we are transformed through faith in Christ?

After that, he gets us. And we get him for all eternity.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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