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Chuck Schumer Says Dems Will Sue If Trump Issues EO to Give Americans COVID-19 'Relief'

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Democrats love giving away free money, but they hate when President Trump beats them to the punch. In this case, since Congress can’t agree on how much money to hand out to Americans (again), POTUS says he’s willing to sign an exectutive order to push things along and provide relief to those in need during the pandemic.

Chuck Schumer is telling Trump not to do it, if you can believe that.

Here’s the deal…

Schumer warns that if the President goes ahead with broader executive orders, they will be “litigated”

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From New York Post:

President Trump said Thursday he plans to sign sweeping executive orders “tomorrow afternoon” if Democrats won’t agree to a new coronavirus stimulus bill.

Trump says he’s ready to revive a moratorium on evictions and a federal supplement for unemployment insurance, both of which lapsed last month. He also floated a temporary payroll tax cut and action on student loans.


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