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City Councilman Wants Migrants Housed in 'Affluent' Private Residences

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An Illinois city council member recently suggested that illegal immigrants might be housed in the homes of affluent liberals who supported President Joe Biden.

He later reported that no one had signed up to participate.

Naperville, Illinois, City Council member Josh McBroom offered up the concept during a recent discussion about illegal immigrants flocking to nearby Chicago, to WPDE-TV.

“The public should also know taxpayer dollars are not, and will not, be used to house any potential migrants in the neighborhood. There’s been some misinformation out there,” he said.

McBroom elaborated on his idea in a video posted to X.

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“In light of the fact, I’m not going to support using other people’s money to house or [for] aid,” he said

“I do know that there’s a lot of people that do care, and I think we live in a compassionate community, so before we go down the road of, you know, following suit on some of these other cities are taking action on, my idea would be, let’s find out, let’s find out who’s willing to help,” McBroom said.

He said those who want more done for illegal immigrants can step forward.

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“You know, we do hear from constituents on both sides of this; what are we going to do to preemptively stop this? And then we hear from people that tell us we should do more, so we do have a very affluent community, a lot of big homes, and what I’d like to do is direct staff to create a sign-up sheet … for individuals that would be willing to house migrant families,” he said.

“And if there’s people that would do that, God bless them. So, if we could raise awareness in that way, I think we need to find out. I think we need to find out who would be willing to house migrant families. That would be my new business. I would be looking for support from the dais. Any questions, discussion, happy to have that,” he said.

McBroom said the concept would call for families to be anonymous during the process as they contact an email address and ask to be added to a list of potential homes where illegal immigrants could crash.

During the meeting, another councilman said the concept would eat up at least 16 hours of city time. Four of Naperville’s 11 council members later expressed support for the concept.

McBroom said he has been underwhelmed at the reaction.

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“It’s weird. During the last presidential race, we had thousands of Biden signs in Naperville. We’ve got houses all over town that advertise support for this mass migration of illegals. They say ‘no human is illegal,’” McBroom said in a radio interview, according to the DuPage Policy Journal.

“Since I’ve proposed this, I’ve haven’t had a single person ask me, ‘Where’s the sign-up sheet? I want to sign the sign-up sheet, I’m ready to sign my house up for the sign up sheet’ It’s shocking,” he said.

McBroom said Biden supporters should be knocking down the door to participate.

“These are the people that voted for this. We’ve got thousands of illegals coming into the area. And they’re homeless — in the middle of winter,” McBroom said.

”You voted for this. You sign up. Be the change. Open your house,” he said.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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