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City of Philly Forcing Unvaccinated Workers to Wear TWO Masks

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Officials in Philadelphia have now ordered unvaccinated city workers to wear TWO masks at work until they get fully vaccinated.

Mask mania is continuing apace among leftists.

Per The Blaze:

If Philadelphia city employees cannot prove they are fully vaccinated by Sept. 1, they will be “required to wear two masks” which the policy explains as “a cloth mask over a disposable or surgical mask” at “all times while working on-site.”

The release from the city department of health explains:

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Being vaccinated against COVID-19 results in an eight-fold reduction of risk if you’re fully vaccinated compared to when you are not. If you’re fully vaccinated, you have a 25-fold reduction of your risk of being hospitalized or dying from COVID. The COVID vaccines protect people very well and are the best way to avoid a severe enough infection that could end up in hospitalization.

Simply put: the COVID vaccines work extremely well and are saving lives every day. The City has a vested interest in ensuring that all staff are protected as thoroughly as possible from severe COVID infection and death.

Philly officials have noted that employees with religious and disability clams can escape the mandates.

But how much you want to bet that almost no one will qualify for those exceptions.

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