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Climate Activists' New Trend: Slashing Tires of Specific Vehicles

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For years now, groups combating climate change have staged ever more elaborate protests and demonstrations, at times seemingly for no other reason than to cause minor annoyance to those affected.

These eco-warriors are growing bolder and more destructive in recent years, as other activists pave the way for lawlessness within their advocacy.

The latest escalation from the world of “global warming” is simply just destruction of private property, disguised as ecological activism.

The U.K. climate group whose members deflated tires on an estimated 40 vehicles in New York City last month recently announced similar actions in cities nationwide.

The “protests” were widespread.

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The Tyre Extinguishers, which encourages activists to deflate tires of parked sports utility vehicles (SUV) to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, said it has already spread to Chicago and the San Francisco area this month. Individuals affiliated with the group have deflated the tires of 20 SUVs in Chicago, another 20 SUVs in Scranton, Pa., and 12 SUVs near San Francisco this month, according to the group.

The group was far from apologetic as well.

“It can happen anywhere, anytime,” a spokesperson for the group told Fox News Digital in an email. “If you’re reading this and you own an SUV, scrap it before we get to it.”

The spokesperson previously told Fox News Digital that the group expected to “expand massively” across the U.S. in the coming weeks.

The group even goes as far as to provide instructions to their supporters as to the best way to quickly deflate the tires, and a downloadable leaflet to leave on the victimized vehicles.


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