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Clues Emerge About Michelle Obama 2024 Run

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The Democrats needs all the help that they can get right about now, and it is beginning to look like at least one former denizen of the White House may be preparing to act as the cavalry.

With Joe Biden’s presidency all but kaput now that the Republicans are poised to take enough control of Congress to stymie his last two years in office, the Democrats are now openly beginning to wonder if he’ll need to be replaced ahead of 2024’s election.

And, based on the sudden reemergence of Michelle Obama, there’s certainly some rumors beginning to spread about her potential involvement.

Introduced by “Late Show” host Stephen Colbert as “America’s Mom,” former First Lady Michelle Obama spent the better part of an hour on Monday night with Colbert, promoting her new book; discussing her empty-nest bliss; and mostly discussing her mental health during COVID — “the looping in my head,” as she described it, and her search for “purpose.”

It remains to be seen whether Michelle Obama plans to run for elective office, but her book tour, her appearance on Colbert, and what she said on air is prompting speculation.

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As Obama spoke on the pandemic, some tiny, almost immeasurable hints emerged.

“And I think, like a lot of people, locked at home, just sort of watching the world seemingly fall apart before our very eyes, I started kind of looping in my head. You know, wondering, like a lot of people, how did we get here and how are we going to get out?

“And I get questions all the time. I’m asked, how do you stay high when the world feels like it’s in a low place? And this book is my best answer, you know. So I’d spent a lot of time kind of meditating and trying to get out of my head and trying to figure out what tools I could use to keep myself lifted, not to fall into depression and hopelessness.

“And so I’m offering some of the tools that I used. But the goal for me through this book is to start a conversation, because we — we need to reconnect, you know.”

And then…

“I don’t think we do well — we don’t do well in isolation. We are all feeling anxious. We are all feeling unseen, unheard. We’re afraid we don’t know what is causing that fear. We don’t know how to control it, how to quiet that fearful mind. And I’m no different. I had to work my way out of my hole and find my purpose again.”

That last bit about purpose felt both purposefully vague and nuanced, and could be seen as an attempt to test the media waters before exploring the possibility further.

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