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CNN Comes Out And Labels Coronavirus A Pandemic, Ahead Of Any Such Declaration By The WHO And CDC

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Left-leaning news network CNN stated on Monday they would begin to refer to the coronavirus outbreak as a pandemic, despite the fact several global health organizations have not designated the crisis as such.

The network’s chief medical correspondent, Dr. Sanjay Gupta, posted a piece he wrote that revealed the announcement and also explained the reasons for the decision, saying the change was “not a decision we [CNN] take lightly,” noting that “it should not cause panic.”

Well, when you start throwing scary words like pandemic around, it’s kind of hard not to panic, wouldn’t you agree?

Via Washington Examiner:

Neither the World Health Organization nor the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have labeled the coronavirus outbreak a pandemic.

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There are no specific criteria or definition for a pandemic, but there are three factors that are generally considered necessary for an outbreak to reach the level of a pandemic. They are: a virus that can cause illness or result in death, sustained person-to-person transmission, and global spread.

The CDC defines a pandemic as “an epidemic that has spread over several countries or continents, usually affecting a large number of people.”

Gupta cited several public health leaders who all “agreed that we are now in a pandemic.”

Currently, the coronavirus has infected 111,000 people all over the world and the illness has arrived on every continent except for Antarctica. Is that really all that surprising? What’s in Antarctica? A whole lot of nothing. Well, except researchers, but you get the point.

The current outbreak has caused 3,800 deaths with 22 so far in the United States.

It’s important to remember to keep this information in context. There are a lot of cases of this virus that are likely going unreported and untested because the symptoms are so similar to the common cold. Folks are getting sick and likely just staying home and toughing it out. The death rate of this illness is probably lower than it is currently because of this very fact.

However, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t take the virus seriously. We absolutely should. People need to calm down, not panic, and put into practice precautions that will help stop the virus from spreading. Wash your hands religiously. Maybe try a different greeting other than shaking hands. Cough and sneeze into your elbow.

It’s really just common sense.

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