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CNN Commentator Just Said Something Horrible About Trump Voters

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If you voted for Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential election, then you’re probably pretty well used to people saying awful, horrible, untrue things about you, especially dropping the “racist” card, which has sort of become the left’s  go-to weapon.

However, that doesn’t make these false and politically motivated charges any less hurtful or aggravating, which is why the left continues to employ these tactics.

The latest to do so is CNN commentator Michaela Angela Davis, who recently appeared on a segment of “New Day” claiming that if you voted for Trump, you’re a racist.

Big shock, huh?

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You’d think after making such a horrifically bias blanket statement and unfairly stereotyping people, Davis would recant and apologize or at least clarify her statement.

Nope. She doubled down instead.

You know, if we make blanket statements about liberals — or anyone for that matter — the same way the left does, those of us in conservative circles get called out for it and labeled all sorts of nasty things.

It’s almost as if there’s some kind of double standard that applies only to those on the right and the left isn’t forced at all to live up to their own principles.

Regardless, this woman’s attitude and her words are appalling and highly offensive.

Not only are the vast majority of Trump supporters not racist, but quite a few of them are minorities themselves, believing in the agenda the president is attempting to implement, recognizing that much of what he wants to do will benefit them in the long run.

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Davis just insinuated these folks are racists, simply because they believe the government should mind its business and not interfere with the lives of citizens.

It’s a really strange time to be alive in America, isn’t it?

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