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CNN Hires Freshly-Retired Republican Never-Trump Congressman

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How has it come to this?  How on earth have we allowed the mainstream, entertainment-focused media drive journalism, (of both the alternative and “legacy” varieties), to obscurity?

These days, if we want the news, we need to turn on at least two different channels in order to extrapolate the truth in between them, all while suffering through another round of Geico, Allstate, and Progressive commercials to do so.

They’ve game-ified the news itslef, and they aren’t even trying to hide it anymore.

That’s why the latest hire by CNN is both unsurprising and uncouth.

Former Republican Congressman Adam Kinzinger will join CNN as a contributor now that the January 6th Committee has been dissolved.

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CNN announced on Wednesday that Kinzinger, the other Republican who served on the January 6th Committee alongside former Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY), would be joining the network as a senior political commentator. Unlike Cheney, who was defeated in a primary by Harriet Hageman, Kinzinger chose not to run for reelection after serving six terms representing his Illinois district.

Kinzinger appeared to be having an audition for the role during a New Year’s Day broadcast on the liberal leaning network.

“If a president can incite an insurrection and not be held accountable, there’s no limit to what a president can or can’t do. Yeah, I do think ultimately, when we get to where we’re going to go, I think the Justice Department will do the right thing. I think he will be charged,” he said.

“I frankly think he should be. Everything we’ve uncovered, from what he did with the Justice Department to everything leading up to January 6 to on January 6, sitting there for 180 minutes and watching this occur in the hope that maybe, just maybe, that last attempt to stay in power will work,” he continued.

Kinzinger’s only real claims to fame are that he’s a vocal opponent of former President Donald Trump, and that he was one of two anti-Trump Republicans chosen to serve on the January 6th select committee, with the former almost surely begetting the latter.

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