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CNN Launches Attack on Fox News Host Martha MacCallum. There’s Just One Problem.

Due diligence is a critical component of solid journalism. Now. Someone just needs to tell CNN that.



A CNN reporter launched a false attack on Fox News host Martha MacCallum by using a deceptively edited video Wednesday evening that was from a hardcore left-wing hit group. The video’s purpose was to inaccurately portray an exchange MacCallum had with a retired FBI agent.

MacCallum featured the FBI profiler and forensic linguist Jim Fitzgerald to discuss the rash of bomb packages delivered throughout the day. Fitzgerald is uniquely qualified to discuss the topic, given he helped to catch the infamous Unabomber.

Speaking about the different potential scenarios of who could have been behind sending the devices, Fitzgerald explained that it could be someone on the political Right, a foreign entity looking to meddle in U.S. elections, or a false flag attack staged by someone on the political Left.

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“A false flag, they also call it black ops, [is] some kind of an operation where a crime, or a letter, or something is done to make it look like it belongs to one entity when it actually in real life belongs to the other,” Fitzgerald said. “And I’m by no means locked into this theory, but I’ll tell you this Martha, these devices were either made and sent by a right-wing guy who doesn’t like the Dems — and we can’t rule out international aspects to this, Russians messed with our 2016 elections just using Facebook, could they have done this? — the other [possibility] is that false flag.”

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“And there could be someone in there, some Democrat, that low-level person, I’m not suggesting anyone on the top, but who just decided, ‘I’m going to put this out,’ because two weeks before a major election, who’s going to look like the bad guy here? The Republicans,” Fitzgerald concluded.

MacCallum responded by saying, “Fascinating,” before launching into her next question.

CNN’s Oliver Darcy tweeted a video clip from Media Matters that cut out most of what Fitzgerald said. The clip only included him saying:

…the other [possibility] is that false flag.

And there could be someone in there, some Democrat, that low-level person, I’m not suggesting anyone on the top, but who just decided, ‘I’m going to put this out,’ because two weeks before a major election, who’s going to look like the bad guy here? The Republicans

What this little clip failed to show was that Fitzgerald also discussed how it could very well be a right-wing person or even a foreign entity responsible for the activity. He also noted that he was not sold on the “false flag” theory.

The heavily edited clip also did not mention that he was an expert FBI profiler, noting that he was a “Fox News guest.”

Here’s what Darcy posted along with the deceptive video clip:

“It’s the responsibility of @marthamaccallum to make sure that after her guest spreads an unsubstantiated conspiracy theory on her air, she immediately corrects it for viewers and provides them the facts. Instead she simply replies, ‘Fascinating.'”

The real question here is how many times has CNN jumped to conclusions and perpetuated conspiracy theories without waiting for the full facts on a situation to be gathered and disseminated for the general public?

How about that whole Russian collusion stuff? Or when Brian Stelter suggested that Fox News manufactured the crisis at the U.S.- Mexico border. Or the time a CNN analyst hypothesized that the Boston Bombing could be the product of right-wing terrorists?

Conveniently, they seem to have forgotten all about those situations.

Here’s the full video with MacCallum and Fitzgerald:

Source: Daily Wire

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