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CNN Personality Claims Black Conservative Host Has “White Privilege”

This is just another chink in the armor of CNN; a network whose recent controversies have been unsightly and inexcusable.




Just when you thought that the mainstream media couldn’t possibly get any more outlandish, someone from CNN steps in to push the envelope.

Of course, CNN is just the tip of the iceberg known as the corporate media, who routinely exaggerate every syllable of any given sentence in order to insult your intelligence and sentience.  They’re shouting at you, in essence, with every ounce of strength that they can. whether the topic be a local law enforcement puppy-driven puff piece, or an incoming asteroid with a 50/50 shot of ending it.  All of it.

In an effort to continue the development of their loud, shocking art form, contributors to these networks have grown increasingly inflammatory in order to drum up the ratings.

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While we have no idea to what end these media miscreants will succumb, we do know that we are in for a Hell of a ride, including the following jaw-dropping moment. 

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CNN legal analyst Areva Martin accused SiriusXM Patriot 125 host David Webb of “white privilege” during a debate on his radio program on Monday morning.

Webb informed Martin that he is, in fact, black.

Foot, meet mouth.

And this is yet another reason why our nation needs to reexamine what our Constitution says about race.

Specifically the part where it says that all are created equal.

The glaring gaffe will also call into question the motives of CNN and their analysts, with the network long being accused of a hard liberal bias.

Save conservative media!


Liberal Lawmaker Calls for Abolishing History Class In Schools, They Cause White Privilege

Could it get more ridiculous!?

John Salvatore



Forget about whitewashing history. The left now literally wants to erase history. That’s how radical they have become. Radical isn’t the right word; Idiotic is more like it. How do people like the Democrat lawmaker from Chicago in the clip below get elected? What goes through a person’s mind when they are at the polls to make them vote for somebody who hates their country so much? LOOK: Look out, Mount Rushmore – you could be next! From Right Scoop: “The equestrian memorial to Theodore Roosevelt has long prompted objections as a symbol of colonialism and racism,” lies the New York Times in a Sunday article about the statue being slated for cancellation. It has during the woke era been the subject of objection from hysterical idiots. It has no “long prompted” outrage about colonialism. He wasn’t even colonial. LOOK: REACTIONS: VIDEO:

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CNN Host Thinks ‘Entire Media Companies’ Exist to Rip Biden, No Equivalent for Trump On Left

Is this guy serious??

John Salvatore



CNN’s Brian Stelter is a complete and utter joke. In no way, whatsoever, is he a journalist. The guy is a complete and utter shill for the Democrat Party. Whenever he speaks, he does his country a disservice. There’s no denying it. On Sunday, Stelter said one of the most ridiculous statements you’re likely to ever hear. LOOK: The list of far-left, anti-Trump blowhards in the mainstream media is nearly never-ending. It’s sad but true. Every network. Every publication. Every outlet. In other words, true journalism is all but dead. However, one reporter stands out above the rest. Naturally, he works for CNN. It’s not Don Lemon, Chris Cuomo, Wolf Blitzer, or Anderson Cooper, though. The winner of America’s greatest “liberal hack” is none other than Brian Stelter. Take a bow! From Washington Examiner: A top CNN correspondent was crowned champion of the “Liberal Hack Tournament” hosted by Twitter personality Comfortably Smug. Brian Stelter beat out Washington Post conservative columnist Jennifer Rubin on Monday night, taking in 52% of the more than 29,000 votes cast in the tournament.

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