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CNN Pulls Another Dirty Trick, Telling Viewers That Border Wall is "RACIST"

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We must remember, at all times, that the corporate media embodied in realtime by networks such as CNN rely on our emotional reactions in order to maintain profitability.

I will gladly admit that, yes, there is a lot of information to be gleaned from these sources, but I am always sure to balance this information with the realization that sensationalism was applied to the delivery.  They want me interested, incensed, and enraged; at least long enough to participate in a commercial break.

You see, without these advertisers spending beaucoup bucks on television commercials, Anderson Cooper’s paychecks will start bouncing.

So, in the ever-evolving game of optics that is represented by the TV twits and corporate creatures, we are now being told that the border wall itself – a barrier made of inanimate material – is inherently racist in its placement.

CNN personality Symone Sanders mocked President Trump’s attempt to end the government shutdown Saturday, saying that Democrats won’t fund his “little racist wall.”

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“It is not good for anyone, that currently, the Department of Homeland Security is not funded, that folks are going to work for free, like, this is not safe for Americans. But, Democrats aren’t going to fund Donald Trump’s little racist wall,” Sanders said.

She continued, “And that is why the government is shut down, because Donald Trump came back and said, ‘Actually, I want money for my wall,’ a wall that he told us Mexico was going to pay for. I kind of feel crazy, because, he shut the government down over a lack of wall funding, not lack of border security funding. Democrats have never said that they’re not going to fund border security.”

This is a blatant use of the “r-word” to disparage the President, especially given the glut of compilation videos that have besieged the internet in recent weeks highlighting the hypocrisy of the democrats who are now, suddenly, against the wall.

So let’s cut the nonsense and talk about the border wall fight for what it really is:  A “resistance” stunt.

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