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CNN Pushes “New Civil War” With Brazen, Divisive Headline

This incendiary headline has patriots FUMING!



CNN wants very badly to be taken seriously in the Trump Era, with men like Jim Acosta egregiously flailing for attention whenever given the opportunity.

The mainstream media’s middle-talent rung all see the Trump administration as a blessing in disguise.  Given the way that the President has broken down the overreaches of political correctness, these reporters feel as though they will get to live out their dorm room fantasies of being the journalist who took down a corrupt and evil President or CEO.  (Or in the case of Trump, both).  If Trump breaks the rules, so can they, at least in their own minds, and they can act with callous bias and anger in the face of the threat that they themselves invented to sell commercials.

This is all an ever-mutating whirlpool of sludge and echoes, screaming in intensity while the nation watches from a distance.  Now, as the elections of 2018 are upon us, the media abyss beckons us with a fervor unlike we’ve seen in recent years, telling us that we are already at war with each other.

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Don’t believe me? From Tuesday morning on


“Two Americas” and “collision course”.  I’m not sure how much more blunt they could possibly be.

This is the corporate media’s “New Civil War” narrative that I’ve been harping on for weeks.  These advertiser-fueled entertainment channels need you to watch commercials.  That is the blood that pumps through their metaphorical veins.  It is the air in their figurative lungs.  If they can scare you, anger you, divide you, or annoy you – they make money.

So, when the President says that the media is “divisive”, he is undeniably right.  Without conflict, there is no story, and without a story, there is no money in “news” media.

And, in a bit of sublime marketing corroboration, a second screen shot that I took just moments later included a peculiarly placed advertisement.


For those unfamiliar with The Man in The High Castle, it is a television adaptation of a book set in an alternative timeline in which the Nazis were victorious in WWII.





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